Howling Husky Adventures


Day tours




Sit and relax: You travel as a passenger in the sled, while you enjoy the beautiful landscape. The silence is broken only by the movement of the sled on the snow and the dogs running.

Price per person: 900 sek. Approx distance 20 km.


Drive your own team: After an introduction, it's time to harness your dogs and explore a small part of the north with your own dogteam.

Price per person: 1500 sek. Approx distance 20-25 km.


Two in one: You combine the adventure of driving the sled, with the sitting in the sled and relaxing. One person drives the sled while another person sits in the sled, half way you swap.

Price per person: 1200 sek. Approx distance 20-25 km.




Custom tours




Would you prefer a longer tour, a northern light tour or an overnight tour ? Don't hesitate to contact us, we'll see what we can do for you.








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